Islands - "Wave Forms"

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Islands are pretty damn prolific - A Sleep and A Forgetting is only about a year and a half old, and they've already put together a new record, Ski Mask, which'll be out in September of this year. In a press release, Nick Thorburn said two things in particular that have us really excited - the record functions as kind of a summation or distilled version of Islands' discography to date, and it's "really about being angry." So, voila, our first taste of the pissed-off ultimate Islands record, "Wave Forms," a pretty, maximalist pop cut as bubbly as it is charmingly unsettling. Ski Mask will be out in September - we'll keep you updated.


Islands - Ski Mask Tracklist:

01 Wave Forms
02 Death Drive
03 Becoming the Gunship
04 Nil
05 Sad Middle
06 Hushed Tones
07 Here Here
08 Shotgun Vision
09 Of Corpse
10 We'll Do It So You Don't Have To
11 Winged Beat Drums