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Jack White - "Love is Blindness" (U2 Cover)

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As you probably could have predicted, the White Stripes’ recent breakup didn’t put a damper on Jack White’s impossibly prolific churning out of jams. As you probably couldn’t have predicted, the latest channel for his blues-inspired soul-rock shredding is Q Magazine’s tribute to U2’sAchtung Baby, 20 years old this year.

White’s cover of the album’s final track “Love Is Blindness” is everything you love about Jack White and few of the things you love about U2 – it’s a fevered, incendiary take, with a typical dischordant guitar solo and plenty of wailing organ. Everything takes backseat, though, to White’s characteristic yowl. Turn it way up.

Jack White - "Love is Blindness" (U2 Cover)