Premiere: Jacuzzi Boys' new single "Lucky Blade"

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Jacuzzi Boys, Miami punks and Iggy Pop’s favorite young band (“God bless the Jacuzzi Boys”), have a new album coming out later this month called Ping Pong and we’re stoked to premiere their scuzzy new single “Lucky Blade”. The song, one of our favorites from the band, throws on layers of fuzz that feels like hazy sunshine over what turns out to be a first-rate pop melody. It builds and builds toward the sun for two minutes and the pay off is invigorating. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Iggy Pop himself had to say when he heard it:

“I love the Jacuzzi Boys, I've watched them grow for years, it's not easy to be a punk in Miami and they're a great band, they put boots on the ground. They opened for me a little while ago and they're a hard act to follow.“

Listen below. Ping Pong is out October 21.