New James Blake - "Enough Thunder" (KCRW Session)


James Blake has done a terrific job of keeping everyone talking about him for 12 months now, and just when you thought The Year of James Blake was beginning to wind down, he drops a track with another one of this year's zeitgeist-y musicians, Bon Iver, and announced a brand new EP to be released in the fall called Enough Thunder.

Blake's latest, the title track from said EP, shares more in common with his debut record, focusing on his bare, soul driven vocals and a piano backdrop. At least that's the impression we get from the Blake's KCRW session. The final version on the EP might be totally different. Check it out below:

James Blake - "Enough Thunder" (KCRW Session)

The Enough Thunder EP is out October 10th via Atlas. We've already heard several sneak peaks from the release. Here's a rundown:
James Blake & Bon Iver – “Fall Creek Boys Choir”
James Blake – “Not Long Now”
James Blake - "Deeds" / "Olivia Kept" / "Evening Fell Hard For Us"
James Blake – “A Case of You” (Joni Mitchell Cover)