New: James Blake + Big Boi, RZA - "Every Day I Ran" / "Take A Fall For Me"


At this rate I think we've heard every song from James Blake's upcoming Overgrown, but we're not complaining - the next track to leak is an amazing Big Boi-sampling (seriously!) song called "Every Day I Ran" that's like nothing we've heard from Blake before. He edits and shifts Big Boi's vocals almost beyond recognition into something that functions more like a rhythmic beat element than like lyrics, layered with some typical synth flourishes and drones. It's just about as fascinating as it is enjoyable to listen to. So it comes as a surprise that it's been regulated to bonus track status. At least the RZA collaboration we've been hearing about for a while has made it to the album proper. The Wu-Tang maestro's appearance on "Take A Fall For Me" feels much more like hip hop, falling in and out of a boom bap as the track goes on. It'll be interesting to see if the hip-hop influence shows up elsewhere on Overgrown, which is out on April 9.

Who would have ever expected RZA and Big Boi to appear on James Blake's sophomore album?

STREAM: James Blake – "Every Day I Ran" f. RZA
STREAM: James Blake – "Take A Fall For Me" f. Big Boi