New James Blake - "Not Long Now"

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Brand new James Blake. Brand new James Blake. Brand new James Blake. Brand New James Blake... I'm sure you've all been reduced to a bubbling mixture of teen girl tears and fan boy drool.

In all seriousness, we have "Not Long Now" for you to sample. The new song comes from James Blake's upcoming EP, Enough Thunder (which will feature that much buzzed about Bon Iver collaboration that came our a few weeks ago), and it is a beaut. It's as subtle as anything on James Blake, while showcasing Blake's playful willingness to go to "new places", as the DJ at the end of the radio rip puts it. Unsurprisingly, "Not Long Now" is an absolute treat to listen to.

So far, Enough Thunder is two for two. Its October 10 release date couldn't come sooner. Listen to "Not Long Now" below:

James Blake - "Not Long Now"

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