James Blake Shares New Track "200 Press"

Another new song shared via his BBC Radio 1 Residency.

James Blake's BBC Radio 1 residency is proving to be a treasure trove of new and old jams alike - Blake often premiers new music and remixes from himself and his contemporaries, like Jamie xx, and digs up plenty of classic cuts from UK electro pioneers like Lone. On last night's installment of his residency, he shared a new song called "200 Press," so titled because he'll only press 200 copies on vinyl, and it's great, with an eerily pitch-shifted voice begging listeners to "gather 'round the beat like a campfire" as a vaguely menacing background slowly develops, like stormclouds in a polaroid. Check it out over at the BBC (it starts around the 30:52 mark) - and keep an eye out for those 200 pressed copies.