James Blake Shares "Timeless", Says New Album is Done

Blake says 'Radio Silence' is 18 tracks long, featuring a 24-minute song
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On a recent residency show for BBC Radio 1, James Blake offered a new track called “Timeless” and news that his long-awaited album, Radio Silence, is finished. 

“I said it a couple of months ago that I think it’s time to start recording an album because—you know—there’ve been requests. People have been asking if I’m going to record a record, so I did one,” Blake said. “It turned out great—quite long, but I’m really happy with it.” He conintued, “It’s 18 tracks long. Yeah, one of the tracks is 20 minutes long, as well.” His co-host counters, “I think it’s 24.” Blake concedes: “Yeah, for real.”

It is unclear if “Timeless”, or any of the other new tracks James Blake has been sharing throughout his BBC Radio 1 residency will make it onto Radio Silence

Listen below: