James Vincent McMorrow - "Red Dust"

James Vincent McMorrow Post Tropical

If you need your dose of insane beauty today, look no further than James Vincent McMorrow's "Red Dust." This guy's come a long way since I saw him and an acoustic guitar in tearjerking performance at CMJ in 2010 - now, McMorrow's instruments of choice are more in the lines of drum machines and keyboards, but that doesn't make his work any less tearjerking. "Red Dust" sees McMorrow deliver smartly heartrendering lyrics ("sometimes my hands don't feel like my own / I need someone to love, I need someone to hold") in a soaring falsetto that sits atop minimalist drum machine pulses and piano chords; the closest comparisons are Perfume Genius or How to Dress Well, but even those don't really seem accurate. You won't have trouble putting this on repeat; just make sure you're wearing waterproof mascara (you too, boys). McMorrow's new record Post Tropical is out January 14, color us psyched.