Jamie xx Shares New Song with xx Bandmate Romy Madley Croft: "Loud Places"

Listen to the gorgeous new single from Jamie xx's upcoming album, featuring the xx's Romy.
Jamie xx

Yesterday we received word that Jamie xx was ready to put out his solo album, In Colour (due out in June). Today comes the first new song from the album: "Loud Places" featuring Jamie's fellow xx-er Romy Madley Croft. The track is a gorgeous slow-burning house ballad that may just hint at what the next xx album might sound like.

In a brilliant move, Jamie doesn't give the hook to Romy, instead throwing in a sterling vocal sample (thanks, Edwin!) that sort of sounds like a choir singing in the middle of a dark dance floor. "Loud Places" is all about the slow build, and there's a lot going on here, but before it all becomes too much bear, a very xx-sounding (read: skeletal) guitar line cuts through, bringing it all back home. Listen below: