New: Japandroids - "The House that Heaven Built," New Album

Japandroids Celebration Rock

Japandroids have been in the game for a while – whenever we get angry we still put on “Heart Sweats” from their 2009 record Post-Nothing – but they’ve been quiet for years. Thankfully they’re reminding us all of their presence in the eternal garage of lo-fi angst with a new cut, “The House that Heaven Built,” from their upcoming record Celebration Rock. We’re digging how this band’s album titles seem to make up new genres to slot their music into, and “The House that Heaven Built” fits perfectly – it’s a super-catchy slice of irresistible pop-punk in the vein of No Age’s newer material or Titus Andronicus, tailor-made to get you a speeding ticket the instant you put it on the stereo on the Jersey Turnpike. Celebration Rock is out June 5, we hope it contains more celebration rock cuts like this one.