Javelin - "Coleridge" / "Colleagues"


Here are a couple of new tunes from Javelin, the Brooklyn electronic eccentrics who salvage sound bites from the most obscure cassettes they can find. The band put out a 7” single a few weeks ago for Record Store Day (along with the Western themed "Canyon Candy" EP, and we've just received the tracks in their digital forms.

A-side “Coleridge” sounds like nothing Javelin have ever released before: a jangly, guitar pop anthem that's reeking with country swagger, whilst displaying those familiar happy electro beats the duo have been getting praised for around the blogosphere. B-side “Colleagues,” however, portrays that signature Javelin sound, brimming with fun computerized dance beats, a pulsating bass, a touch of disco, and a straight up dance floor vibe. Check out both tunes below:

Javelin - "Coleridge"

STREAM: Javelin - "Colleagues"