Jay Electronica Calls Drake Out in Remix of Common & Vince Staples' "Kingdom"

Jay Electronica lends the assist, ribs Drake.
Jay Electornica

Jay Electronica isn't the most prolific rapper around, but every time he comes out it's always worthwhile to pay attention. His most recent outing is a furious demolition verse on a remix of Common and Vince Staples' joint single "Kingdom." While Jay's seething passion is the most incendiary thing about his verse, he does throw in a couple of friendly(?) jabs at current hip-hop heavyweight Drake, quoting "Started From The Bottom" as well as continuing the long held and cherished tradition of ribbing Aubrey's Degrassi history (“I told these fools they’d never Jimmy Degrassi me”). lol, Jay.

Listen below:

Best case scenario? We'll get another "Draft Day" out of this.