Jay-Z - Off That (ft. Drake) (Prod. Timbaland)


The first couple of singles of The Blueprint 3 have been underwhelming, there's no doubt of that. His last single, "Run This Town" featuring Kanye West and Rihanna should have been a shining beacon of hope and a highlight for B3, but sadly, it doesn't even hold a candle to Clipse's "All Eyes On Me" (I compare the two because they both feature a boring female hook, and other prolific rapper).


Hot off the still-impressive Timbaland machine, "Off That" features a blistering hook brought to your ears by king of the summer, Drake. It is by far the best B3 track I've heard so far. "Off That" will serve as The Blueprint 3's third single, but something tells me it won't be as successful as "Best I've Ever Had."

Listen to "Off That" here