REC'D: Jelly Jells - "It Is What It Is"


Producer/singer/songwriter Jelly Jells has been buzzing around recently thanks to his breakthrough single, “Beautiful”. The New York based artist, who describes himself on his tumblr as “a half black, half italian son of a prostitute. . .a musician, magician, inventor, aesthete, dreamer, doer and believer” crafts a very interesting and particular kind of sound, one unlike anything we've heard in a while.

Blending influences from dance music, Afro pop, reggae and hip hop, Jells brings a lot to life with his newest tropical sensation, “It Is What It Is.” The steel drums and electronic production bring Jamie xx's outstanding "Far Nearer" to mind; fronted with Jells' reggae tinged vocals, it makes for a very unique experience. Hear the jam below:

Jelly Jells - "It Is What It Is"

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