Jeremih Surprise-Releases New Album, 'Late Nights'

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Jeremih’s long-delayed third LP, Late Nights, is out now on Apple Music/iTunes—and it’s sounding damn good. The album features recent singles “Planez”, “Pass Dat”, “Oui”, and “Don’t Tell ‘Em”. Luckily, that terrible single with Flo-Rida is nowhere to be found. 

J. Cole, Ty Dolla $ign, Migos, Future, Big Sean, YG, Juicy J, Twista, and Jhené Aiko all show up for the album. Check out the tracklist and some audio below:

Jeremih, Late Nights:

01 Planez [ft. J. Cole]
02 Pass Dat
03 Impatient [ft. Ty Dolla $ign]
04 Oui
05 Drank
06 Giv No Fuks [ft. Migos]
07 Feel Like Phil
08 Royalty [ft. Future & Big Sean]
09 I Did [ft. Feather]
10 Actin' Up
11 Remember Me
12 Don't Tell 'Em [ft. YG]
13 Woosah [ft. Juicy J & Twista]
14 Worthy [ft. Jhené Aiko]
15 Paradise