Jessie Ware Confirms Tough Love Tracklisting and Release Date

jessie ware tough love

We're hotly anticipating Jessie Ware's upcoming LP Tough Love, and now we know a few more details - the record will be out October 21 in the US (lucky UK natives will get to grab a physical copy starting October 6th). You can also peruse a full tracklist below. And, just for the hell of it, listen to "Tough Love" for the nth time, too.

Jessie Ware, Tough Love:
01 Tough Love
02 You & I (Forever)
03 Cruel
04 Say You Love Me
05 Sweetest Song
06 Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe
07 Want Your Feeling
08 Pieces
09 Keep on Lying
10 Champagne Kisses
11 Desire