Just Jack - 253 / The Day I Died



Just Jack is back with his upcoming set, All Night Cinema which is scheduled to drop in August 17th. "253" and "The Day I Died" are surprisingly cheerful-sounding despite definitely dark lyrics. It's melancholy summery songs like these that were missing from our summer mix. Summer has a specific sound, yes, but these 3 months or so harbor a wide range of emotions.

In "253" Just Jack opens up with danceable, mid-up beats and a chipper harmonica. Singing about a relationship that is just not working, Jack Allsopp is forthright and plays along candidly to the beat.

On All Night Cinema, Just Jack follows "253" with the tongue-in-cheek "The Day I Died." This track holds a certain quality that reminds you of a beach sing-along. Except I probably won't be singing "The day I died was the best day of my life" at the beach this summer. Notwithstanding, "The Day I Died" is quickly becoming a summer fave.

Listen to both songs here

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