LISTEN: Justin Bieber - U Smile (8x Slower)


What do you get when you take a mediocre Justin Bieber song (it's not even the catchy one with Usher) and slow it down by 800%? If you guessed an ambient masterpiece, then you're absolutely right. In just over 24 hours, nearly 600,000 people listened to Shamantis' extremely slow version of Justin Bieber's "U Smile". The concept of finding the grace and beauty in the rarest of places — a Justin Bieber song — by spreading it over 35 minutes of cascading waves of sound, is a brilliant one to say the least. Listen for yourself below:

One has to wonder what other fluffy pop songs wield hidden treasures confined by danceable tempos and intelligible lyrics. Idolator lists 6 songs they think should get the 35-minute treatment; my favorite pick: Lady Gaga's "Alejandro."