Justin Bieber's New Single "What Do You Mean"

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Earlier this year, Justin Bieber did a 180 and stepped away from the public jackassery and the purveying of generally unpleasant music when he released his Diplo and Skrillex collaboration  “Where Are Ü Now”. As weird and tempered as that song was, it became a global smash—one that we all knew would eventually get a sequel. Well, after a star-studded, month-long promotional campaign, here it is: “What Do You Mean?”

As far as pop sequels go, “What Do You Mean” lands closer to Age of Ultron than The Dark Knight, but it’s really a fine song. Like all of Bieber’s music, it lacks tension, it’s too predictable and safe, but Skrillex—of all people!—lends the song a sophistication previously absent from JB’s music. (This sophisticated rebranding of minor pop stars seems to be a trend this year.)

Listen below—