J£ZUS MILLION f. Charli XCX - "Illusions Of"

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You've probably heard a little bit about the 19-year-old UK producer J£ZUS MILLION thanks to his production on a few tracks from Charli XCX's wonderful debut True Romance, so it makes sense that she'd help him out on his debut solo release, "Illusions Of." This particular track will wind up on the excellently named UK record label Double Denim's upcoming compilation tape, but J£ZUS MILLION's apparently preparing to release a mixtape this summer, too, and this'll definitely get you psyched up. Charli's playful, yearning verses are great as usual, but J£ZUS MILLION's production is really the star here: layered, maximalist, smart, and complex enough that ten relistenings still won't give you the full effect. Check it out.