Kanye Teases "Awesome" On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Romantically and obviously, it's a song about how awesome Kim is.
Kanye Kim

Kanye West is basically a Kardashian now, given that he married into arguably America's most media-smart family, and he's clearly learning from his new circumstances - after telling GQ he was learning some "Kim K skills" about self-promotion, he's just teased a new song through the very obvious medium of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The track's a love song for Kim Kardashian called "Awesome" and 'Ye apparently premiered it initially at a since-Internet-scrubbed Adult Swim event last year, but here's our most recent sample, via some okay-quality audio a fan ripped from the show. In it, one of Kim's sisters (sorry I can't tell their voices apart) recalls a touching (and very Kanye) moment between the couple. Check it out - we're excited to hear where this goes.

Over the weekend, Kanye headlined Jay Z's Made In America festival in Philly; check out video of the full set here.