Kanye West & Jay-Z - "That's My Bitch" f/ La Roux



Wow, you've got to hand it to Kanye. The same day My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy comes out to the acclaim of literally every media source that's mentioned it (including this one) and he's all ready promoting a new album. “That's My Bitch,” presumably off the Watch The Throne project with fellow rap mogul Jay-Z, enlists the voice of La Roux's Elly Jackson. One listen to its relentless jungle drum beats and intoxicating synth patterns and you'll wish it was released on Fantasy so you'd own it by now. It's equally as aggressive and in your face as “Monster,” Ye and Hova both tearing it up lyrically, but more suitable for a dance floor, or a strip club...

Kanye West & Jay-Z - That's My Bitch f/ La Roux