Kanye West - "Lost In The World" f/ Bon Iver & Gil Scott-Heron


When Bon Iver's Justin Vernon dished that he was going to be featured on Kanye West's upcoming album, we all sort of freaked out. We saw Vernon's versatile and immense talent adapt to Kanye's own style on the overstimulating "Monster", but on the newly leaked "Lost In The World," Kanye kicks it up a notch. He takes Bon Iver's heavily auto-tuned "Woods" and builds a beast of a track around it, perfectly marrying two musical polar-opposites together. The song's outstanding closing moments features some vintage Gil Scott-Heron spoken word. Hear the track below:

Seeing as "Lost In The World" is single-quality, it's safe to assume it will be included in Kanye West's upcoming still-untitled album, due out November.

Kanye West - Lost In The World f/ Bon Iver by Pretty Much Amazing

Props to Your Audio Fix for the track.