Kanye West - "Power"


There's a new Kanye West song making the rounds and accumulating take-down notices around the webs. Rumor has it that the song — "Power" — is the first single from Kanye West's glorious return to his College Dropout days, his upcoming LP tentatively titled Good Ass Job (it may just be me, but I really think there needs to be hyphen in there somewhere).

Kanye West has been completely MIA since the whole Taylor Swift thing. He even skipped the GRAMMYS, where he won 2 or 3 golden gramophones. You know something is seriously wrong when Kanye doesn't show up to accept golden gramophones. Maybe "Power" sheds some light on what he was up to, or going through his mind during all that time.

As introspective as "Power" gets, more than anything, "Power" is a loud, proud announcement of Kanye's return. The beat is ferocious. The King Crimson sample is spot on. Kanye sounds at the top of his game here. [UPDATED CDQ AUDIO]

Kanye West - "Power" (feat. Dwele)