Hear Alternative Version of Kanye West's "Wolves" with Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa, and Sia

kanye west fashion.jpg

Some fans were conflicted when Kanye West’s terrific new album, The Life of Pablo, shipped with a version of “Wolves” that featured a lost-then-found Frank Ocean but nixed verses from Vic Mensa and Sia. Today, an alternate mix of the track has surfaced—the circumstances surrounding its leak are still unknown—featuring Frank, Vic, and Sia. It seems the other two collaborators were added at the expense of Kanye’s rap verse. A happy compromise as far as I’m concerned. 

It’s still unclear, however, if this leak is official. Kanye has been fearlessly, publicly workshopping Pablo for over a year now, why would he lowkey leak something fans have clamored for since the release of The Life of Pablo? With TIDAL’s recent and widely publicized technical snafus, it’s easy to imagine that the leak of this track is somehow their fault.  

In any case, listen to this mysterious alternate version of “Wolves” below. (Pro Tip: Hit play and wait a minute for it to actually start playing.)