MP3: Katy B x Diplo - "Witches Brew"


Diplo’s been busy lately producing “Climax,” the Usher-fronted slow jam that might be our generation’s “I’ll Make Love To You,” but he’s found time to drop an updated mix on Brit pop star Katy B’s “Witches Brew,” mixed by the duo a few months ago. If “Climax” was the prom-ending slow dance, this “Witches Brew” remix is the late evening club banger, what with its dubby skittering beat, endlessly sexy bass, and bewildering synth drones that flash like strobe lights. It’s catchy as hell, but also worth more than a few listens just to wheedle through all those layers Diplo’s got going on. Check it out.

KATY B – "Witches Brew" (Diplo Remix) (MP3)