Kelela - "The High"


Kelela's 2013 Cut 4 Me mixtape introduced us and the rest of the world to a phenomenal new R&B talent, so anytime we see the word "new" next to her name, we get a little flutter of excitement. This time, it's over "The High," her new song produced by Gifted & Blessed, a song more slow-burning, seductive, and spine-tingling than any we've heard from her so far. Over a droning, minimalist backdrop, Kelela's singular vocals soar - "I'd do anything for the high," she belts, and it makes us think we probably would too. We love those edited vocals toward the middle. Check it out - and make sure you check out Kelela on tour this March if you live in L.A. or New York or are headed to SXSW.