Kesha - P. Diddy


That hot, hot voice we were all (embarrassingly) jamming to every time Flo-Rida's "Right Round" came on is back with her latest, "P. Diddy." A while ago, I posted Kesha's "Boots and Boys" and I included and named my podcast after her "(Fuck Him) He's A DJ" — I guess you can say that I'm a fan.


This new track, as has been pointed outmore than once, sounds astonishingly Uffie-esque. I'm sure "P. Diddy" will find its place on your weekend playlist.

Kesha - P. Diddy | mp3
BONUS: Kesha - (Fuck Him) He's A DJ | mp3

Don't pretend you won't be jamming to this later. Can we get this chick on the new Justice? Uffie collab? Tthhee Ppaarrttyy 2.0? Holla @ DJ Skeet Skeet.