Kevin Drew - "Mexican Aftershow Party"

Kevin Drew's new album, Darlings, is out March 18.
Kevin Drew Darlings

Based on the singles we've heard from Kevin Drew's upcoming solo LP Darlings, dude seems to be on a mission to deliver some of the most ridiculous but also most appropriately descriptive song titles of 2014. Following up "Good Sex," a song about what exactly constitutes good sex, is "Mexican Aftershow Party," a surprisingly Gary Numan-esque broody synth jam about hitting up a Mexican aftershow party. If you haven't experienced one yourself, take a tip from Kevin, who delineates the reasons he just can't stay away - "let's try to make it all feel real." Darlings is out March 18; in the meantime peruse the album's tracklist and try to guess what the songs are about. Check it out:

Kevin Drew - Darlings:
01 Body Butter
02 Good Sex
03 It’s Cool
04 Mexican Aftershow Party
05 You Gotta Feel It
06 First in Line
07 Bullshit Ballad
08 My God
09 You in Your Were
10 You Got Caught
11 And That’s All I Know