Album Stream: Kindness - World, You Need A Change of Mind


The British producer Kindness has been churning out irresistible, dubby nouveau-disco funk for a while now – we’ve sampled some of his sexy, percolating bangers in the past, and you can now stream his first LP, World, You Need a Change of Mind, which comes out physically next week. Put headphones on before you press play: Kindness’s songs almost aren’t worth listening to unless you can really feel that bass throb, especially on album opener “SEOD.” We’re also loving the Arcade Fire-y (!) driving pulse of “Swingin’ Party,” which sounds like indie pop reinvented through an electro lens. But really, dude goes from lighters-up, radio-ready slow burners to new-wave inspired guitar noodling in the space of two tracks, and both sound awesome – World, You Need a Change of Mind is worth streaming just to check out Kindness’s incredible ingenuity. Check it out.