King Krule - "Neptune Estate"

King Krule 6 Feet

King Krule's upcoming debut record is 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, and based on the singles he's released so far, it's gonna be a good one. Here's more evidence, the glitchy, late-night "Neptune Estate," which sounds as usual like Archy Marshall had a gig playing his lilting, yearning guitar tunes at a bad-side-of-town dive bar and didn't have time to record any new beats on the drum machine he just bought from Disclosure. Except this time, he brought a horn section along too, who usually keep to the back but sometimes come forward with a vengeance - you can almost see the flash of brass. Listen with the visual accompaniment, in which Marshall chain-smokes and pets a cute dog near a mural of himself. The record's out August 26 - stay tuned.