Kings of Leon - "Wait For Me" + "Supersoaker" Video - Pretty Much Amazing

Kings of Leon - "Wait For Me" + "Supersoaker" Video

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Kings of Leon are well-known for two things - rollicking, fist-pumping Southern punk jams (see: "Four Kicks," "Molly's Chambers," new Mechanical Bull single "Supersoaker") and more introspective, seductive slow-burners (see: "Sex on Fire," "Use Somebody," "Knocked Up," etc). Today, you'll be happy to hear, they're offering up one of each - brand new track "Wait for Me," which fits into the latter category, alongside the video for the slightly more adrenaline-fueled "Supersoaker." Whichever Kings of Leon style you prefer, you should probably check out both - we sense "Wait for Me" will be all over the radio by September, and the W.I.Z.-directed, Boogie Nights-style "Supersoaker" video is fabulous. Check it out - Mechanical Bull is out September 24.