Kurt Vile - "Feel My Pain"

Kurt Vile Post Haze

On November 19, Kurt Vile is following one of the best LP's of the year, Walkin In A Pretty Daze, with a seven-track EP called It’s a big world out there (and i am scared). The songs from the EP may technically be outtakes, but listen to "Feel My Pain" and you won't find anything less than vital from our current master of rambling, dreamy psych rock. Give it a listen below:

Vile included some liner notes for the track:

This track was recorded during the first cluster of sessions at Dreamland Studios, May 2012.
(same sessions that conjured up most of album opener “wakin on a pretty day” I should add!) “Feel My Pain” is a particularly meticulous guitar composition that i remember playing over and over back when writing it and then even more so when i had finished it, sort-of possessed. We added a lot to this later only to strip it back again favoring the raw to the chamber-pop this go ’round. Spectral arrangement and a mellow-ominous delivery (if such a thing is possible)…
KV- gtrs/vox
RL- bass engineered by John Agnello
mixed by Rob Laakso
produced by KV & RL

The EP will be sold on its own, but if you haven't copped Vile's 2013 LP, they'll be bundled together as Post Haze on November 19.

It’s a big world out there (and i am scared) Tracklist:
A1. Never Run Away (string synth)
A2. NRA Reprise
A3. Feel My Pain
B1. Snowflakes Extended
B2. Wedding Budz
B3. The Ghost of Freddie Roach
B4. (reprise reprise)