New Kurt Vile - "Life's a Beach"

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We loved Philadelphia guitarist and songwriter Kurt Vile’s 2011 release Smoke Ring for My Halo, so we’re really excited about the prospect of his upcoming EP of castoffs from that record, So Outta Reach.

“Life’s a Beach” is our second taste from that, after "The Creature" – it’s got Vile’s customary twangy, complex guitar riffs, big drums, wistful lyrics that throw the song’s lighthearted title into a dark, sarcastic light. If life’s a beach, Vile’s confessional psych-folk will tell you, it’s one from which you can see the thunderstorm gathering over the water, the shipwrecks on the rocks. Check it out. The rest of the EP, four more originals and a Springsteen cover, is out November 8 on Matador.

Kurt Vile - "Life's a Bitch"