Kurt Vile & Sore Eros - "Jamaica Plain"

Krut Vile Sore Eros Jamaica Plain

So, though Kurt Vile released his lovely Wakin on a Pretty Daze LP this spring, he's still got a few things lined up for release before the year's out - namely, two EPs, one called It's a Big World Out There (and I'm Scared) that'll be part of the deluxe edition of the record, and a second called Jamaica Plain, named after the neighborhood in Boston where Vile and Robert Robinson (better known as Sore Eros, and once a member of Vile's band the Violators) recorded in the early 2000's. Digest that very long sentence while you listen to "Jamaica Plain," the EP's lovely, wandering, seven-minute title track - we're loving those meandering, tightly wound guitar riffs. Jamaica Plain will be out November 4.