La Roux's Elly Jackson Might Be Psychic



So, we're (almost) pretty sure it's not us, but Elly Jackson of La Roux fame seems to tend towards the short and sweet when asked a question. We guess she likes to keep it simple, and that's cool, because we at least know we won't be bored to tears with any long winded answers. You as the reader should be happy that not much of your time is going to be taken up reading this.

Also, we think she might be psychic. Just a little bit. She notes an eerie, unintentional prediction she made once that had us wondering. We know she's a tease because a few of her short and sweet answers are a bit cheeky, as they say. Go ahead and take a look and see if you're not even more intrigued than you were before going in over what this elusive and charismatic ginger pixie is all about.

Is she a fashion icon? A throwback to an era we dancing fiends find ourselves yearning to recapture in the music we listen to and the clothes we wear? Who's she into and what does she do when she's not on stage wowing us with her awesome? We tried to get these answers out of her and came out both grinning like idiots and scratching our heads. Read on:

PMA: Is your look of much importance to you, or do you feel as if it's over-emphasized?

Elly: It's important but the main thing is the music.

PMA: Do you feel as if people (Americans esp) understand that 'La Roux' is not only you, but your partner, Ben as well?

Elly: I'm not sure they understand that at the record label let alone in the US...

PMA: What does the dynamic between you two consist of? How do you get on and how do you work together?

Elly: We're like sapphire and steel.

PMA: Where do you pull from mainly when putting pen to paper to write a song?

Elly: From personal experience, I couldn't write any other way.

PMA: What's in your head at the moment about your reception around the world, UK and US especially?

Elly: It feels good. I'm always [gratified] by the reception we get, especially in new places. It's so cool to travel half way round the world and have people sing back the words you wrote in Ben's living room.

PMA: Do you feel you represent a breath of fresh air, or a throwback?

Elly: What do you think!

PMA: This project, partnership, band, is still so new. Do you anticipate its longevity and if so, what do you think you will evolve into?

Elly: We're in this for the long haul. You may even hear some instruments [in future releases].

PMA: Who to you at this moment is representing something in music you can get behind enthusiastically?

Elly: I've just discovered Glass Candy, amazing italo-electro sounds. I want them to tour with us. Check them out.

PMA: What's been the most fun/bizarre/cool bit that's happened since embarking on this journey in support of this album?

Elly: Time Out UK asked me in April what would it take to stop the album getting to number one. I said nothing unless Michael Jackson re-released Thriller...

PMA: What do you like to do when you take a break, or has there been time for that?

Elly: I like to relax at home with my family and friends. I just don't go out any more at all.

Well, there you have it. Laid back and still mysterious. Catch her on tour with Ben and the band wherever you can. We know you want to.