Lady Gaga - "Born This Way" (Country Road Version)


While Lady Gaga keeps a tight grip on the global pop charts for a sixth straight week (and let's for a second acknowledge how great it is that a song about acceptance and self-love, albeit borderline-preachy, is the ?1 song in the countryworld. That is a hell of a lot better than a song about having a "Feeling" or the ticking sound clocks make), different ways to listen to the Love Yourself Anthem keep popping up. A couple of weeks ago, the smash received a healthy dose of New Wave, courtesy of Twin Shadow. Now, the Lady herself has reworked "Born This Way," channeling her inner Garth Brooks. The "Country Road Version" of Born This Way is certainly twangy, but it hasn't lost the sugar rush grandeur and pomposity that has made Gaga one of the most consistent singles artists of the last few years.

Her proper sophomore album, Born This Way is out in May.