Lady GaGa - Dance In The Dark, New Album


Speakers opens to distortion, faceless moans and the words "silicone, saline, poison, inject me baby. I'm a free bitch, I'm a free bitch". This is how Lady GaGa kicks off her most intricate and engaging song yet.


The tremendous chorus, "baby loves to dance in the dark, cos when he's looking she falls apart" is heartbreaking and is empowered by a later lyric, "she looks good, but her boyfriend says she's a tramp."

"Dance In The Dark" has a fragile quality to it. The luminous synth feels strained, yet the vocal track resolute. The song's sincere-sounding back story of the marginalization of women and potentially abusive relationships is a surprising change of pace for Lady GaGa, who has made a career out of sensationalizing fame and sex. 

"Dance In The Dark" will appear on Lady GaGa's new album, The Fame Monster, which has just been announced. Lady GaGa's debut record, The Fame will no longer be re-issued with the 8 new tracks (including "Bad Romance", "Alejandro", and now "Dance In The Dark"), instead, those 8 tracks will be released as a singular album and will be sold for only $8.00. I think this makes Lady GaGa the coolest pop star ever. The Fame Monster will be out on Interscope on November 24th.