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Lady Gaga - "Judas"

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Lady Gaga Judas

How does one manage to keep the capricious interest of the iTunes Generation on lock while securing a long career? Release a single like "Judas". Lady Gaga, she of immense whirlwind fame and popularity, will release the second single off of her second official album (third major release overall), Born This Way, next Tuesday.

"Judas," the follow-up to the somewhat cagey title track, sounds an awful lot like Gaga's juggernaut and justly lauded "Bad Romance" single from 2009. All while sounding enticingly familiar, the new track introduces just enough new ideas (Sing in a Caribbean-esque timbre here, tribal-sounding techno breakdown there, randomly say "ew".) to keep the wheels of the Lady Gaga vehicle moving forward.

Most importantly, "Judas" sounds like a global smash right out of the box, without sounding like anything else out there, but Gaga herself. That, surely, is the secret. Would-be popstarlets, take note. Naysayers, respect.

Lady Gaga - "Judas"