Lady GaGa - Paparazzi, Music Video Extravaganza


Perez Hilton himself premiered the lavish new music video by the eccentric and grandiloquent Lady GaGa. The subject is "Paparazzi," GaGa's latest UK single. The song is easily the most personable track on The Fame, but far from my favorite. In his premiere blog post, the self-anointed Queen of All Media exclaims:

It is her strongest work to date. It is a mini-film. It is art. It is visual pornography. It is satire. It is commentary. It is brilliant!

Aside from the visual pornography remark (what the hell is that Perez?), Queen P is not far off the mark. This indeed is GaGa's strongest video to date. It is certainly an entertaining mini-film, reminiscent of Michael Jackson's love affair with 15-minute-film making. The video is definitely commenting on what it is to be famous in this day and age, and Lady GaGa makes fun of the silly idea by busting a Britney.

Hopefullym with this video GaGa finally got her point across — the same statement that is riddled throughout her album:

This idea of 'The Fame' runs through and through. Basically, if you have nothing—no money, no fame—you can still feel beautiful and dirty rich. It's about making choices, and having references—things you pull from your life that you believe in. It's about self-discovery and being creative. The record is slightly focused, but it's also eclectic. The music is intended to inspire people to feel a certain way about themselves, so they'll be able to encompass, in their own lives, a sense of inner fame that they can project to the world, and the carefree nature of the album is a reflection of that aura. I like to funnel interesting ideas to the rest of the world through a pop lens.

Random GaGa song I like a lot — "Paper Gangsta" listen to it below.