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Lady Gaga - "Yoü and I" (Wild Beasts Remix)

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This surprise comes from Lady Gaga herself. Beloved melodramatic pop constructionists Wild Beasts remix Lady Gaga's enormous new single "Yoü and I" and render it unrecognizable, for the most part. 

To put it simply, it sounds great. Not because it's some sort of alternate take on one of our favorite songs from one of our favorite albums of the year — had I not been told it was a "Yoü and I" remix, I would not have guessed — but because Wild Beasts are masters completely in control of their craft, effortlessly spellbinding us without the use of Hayden Thorpe’s chocolate-dipped falsetto, but instead with, by all cases, an obscured vocal sample of one of the most recognizable voices of the current pop landscape. This is a complete triumph for Wild Beasts and it says a lot about Lady Gaga that she'd reach out to these Kendal lads and trust them with what has said was her favorite song that she had written.

Lady Gaga - "Yoü and I" (Wild Beasts Remix)

Lady Gaga'sBorn This Way is out now. So is Wild Beasts'Smother.