LCD Soundsystem - "All I Want"


Like "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" and "North American Scum" before it, "Drunk Girls" was a great, albeit predictable lead-in party single from LCD Soundsystem. Releasing the fun, accessible tune first has been a long-proven, working formula that James Murphy's DFA have employed for years, and it almost always gets the job done. While this formula hasn't failed LCD Soundsystem yet, they always have a back-up in stock to blow your face off the way "All My Friends" did.

"All I Want", the fourth track into LCD Soundsystem's new album, This Is Happening, comes as a nearly-seven minute dual-sequel to both "All My Friends" and David Bowie's "Heroes". This is no light praise, I know, but I also know that no other musician in our generation could get away with praise like that and deserve it. Throughout its entire occupancy in your ears, "All I Want" flirts its way to that rarely traveled spot between pop and the kind of art that people want to make cover compilations for, 25 years from now.

When I first heard "All I Want", I greeted the song with skeptic. It sounded like it was meant to be epic, like I was meant to fall to my feet and worship it. In the back of my mind, I think I knew I would eventually succumb, but I was skeptical nonetheless. And I suspect that a chunk of the people reading this are on the same boat. My advice? Play it again. Then again. Do this throughout your day and tell me you have not fallen hard. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This Is Happening is out May 18th on DFA. Pre-order it now.

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