LISTEN: LCD Soundsystem - All I Want (London Session)


It appears James Murphy wanted London Sessions to be a bit of a surprise, informing the press about its existence only five days before the release date. The live studio album includes songs from all three LCD Soundsystem records and will be available via iTunes only until Dec. 6. This first taste is this year's stellar “All I Want,” which also happens to be our favorite song of the year so far. Like the studio version, the distorted guitar riffs and Murphy's faint vocals are eminent, yet it also sounds more raw, and unpolished. What's most engaging about the new version is how Murphy and backup vocalists sing “ooooh, la la la” during the chorus. London Sessions is out today, and we repeat, this iTunes exclusive will only be available until December 6. Listen to "All I Want" below:


LCD Soundsystem - All I Want (London Sessions)

LCD Soundsystem's London Sessions tracklist:
01 Us V Them
02 All I Want
03 Drunk Girls
04 Get Innocuous
05 Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
06 All My Friends
07 Pow Pow
08 I Can Change
09 Yr City's a Sucker

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