LCD Soundsystem - "Home"


When This is Happening first came out, I listened to “Home” every day. Every time I got in my car, every time I turned on my iPod, every time I started listening to music for any reason, “Home” was playing. James Murphy has never allowed himself to be this vulnerable before on a song, not even on “All My Friends” or “New York I Love You, but You’re Bringing Me Down”, and that is what makes “Home”, to me, the most moving song Murphy has written.

In this song Murphy isn’t talking about a city or his relationship with a group, but specifically his relationship with one person. He describes the incredibly real situation that occurs when someone doesn’t know what they need but needs to decide; it’s all they talk about, and if it involves you, then it’s all they talk about with you. This is another example of how James Murphy has always been great at painting perfect pictures of the difficult moments in everyday life which we all face. The instrumentation behind Murphy’s voice is relatively stripped down for LCD Soundsystem, and allows the words and vocals to stand on their own and connect with the listener without distractions. The usually standoffish and outward Murphy finally leaves himself out to dry with the last lines of the song: “If you're afraid of what you need, look around you, you're surrounded, it won't get any better.”

Rick Darge has directed an unofficial video for “Home” in which a girl steals a robot costume (maybe even a fully functioning robot, who knows) and goes off to parties until it breaks down at an orgy gone terribly wrong.