Leon Bridges has captured the attention of many with his meticulous rendering of ‘60s smooth soul. His music sounds awfully authentic, like something out of a time capsule. The music’s craftsmanship and Leon’s songwriting and phrasing are all very well researched and convincing. Songs like “Coming Home”, Leon’s viral hit, or “Smooth Sailin’”, his newest single, could have been recorded in the wake of Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me”. However, something makes me doubt that we would hold Bridges’ songs as dearly today if they were actual artifacts of that decade. That’s an unfair criticism, perhaps. These songs have more than their fair share of charm and feeling, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with imitation for imitation’s sake. It can sometimes feel hollow, though.

Leon Bridges’ debut album, Coming Home is out June 23 on Columbia Records. He’s already shared much of the record, including the title track, “Better Man”, “Lisa Sawyer”, “River”, and now, “Smooth Sailin’”. Listen to them below:

“Smooth Sailin’”:

“Coming Home”:

“Better Man”:

“Lisa Sawyer”:


Leon Bridges, Coming Home:

01 Coming Home
02 Better Man
04 Brown Skin Girl
05 Smooth Sailin’
06 Shine
07 Lisa Sawyer
08 Flowers
09 Pull Away
10 Twistin’ & Groovin’
11 River

Coming Home Artwork:

Leon Bridges Coming Home Artwork