The Libertines' Carl Barat Shares "Glory Days" With New Band The Jackals

They'll put out a full-length LP early next year.
carl barat glory days

The Libertines' Pete Doherty and Carl Barat did reunite despite their notoriously tempestuous relationship for a few shows earlier this year, but if you were hoping for new music you were out of luck - until just now. Barat's just shared the next-best thing, new music from his new band the Jackals, assembled in L.A. via online ads after he got frustrated with his own company while writing solo. He's released a lead single, "Glory Days," from a record that doesn't have a name yet, which'll apparently be out early next year. It's a stomping barnburner of a track that you'll probably dig if occasionally you break out Up the Bracket and shed a tear. Check it out - we'll keep you posted as we hear more.