Lil Wayne - "Gonorrhea" f/ Drake


Lil Wayne is unstoppable. He makes this quite clear on the incessantly foul "Gonorrhea", from his upcoming EP full-length album, I Am Not A Human Being. Really, what else can you say about a guy who makes you feel like it's a privilege to listen to him compare himself to a young God and diarrhea and tampons in a few short minutes? Two Girls, One Cup reference and all, "Gonorrhea" is the most promising piece of music Lil Wayne has fronted since his No Ceilings mixtape. And the fact that this is a commercial release make it all the more exciting. Hear it below:

Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being is out in digital form next week, September 27. It will be out on CD October 12. It's been reported that the release is no longer an EP but a full-fledged album spanning 12 tracks. Initially, the added tracks were meant for The Carter IV, but Lil Wayne has decided to reboot the album and start anew.