Listen: 1987, "Michelle"

Hear the gorgeous new song from Stockholm-based Victor Holmberg
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In our description of the debut single from 1987 - Stockholm-based Victor Holmberg and one half of production duo Montauk - our own Genevieve Oliver said listening to it "almost feels like the sublime experience of listening to Sigur Ros." Well put. It's been almost a year since that fateful debut, and now Holmberg has released another tantalizing single with "Michelle," an absolutely stunning grower that intensifies ever so gradually. The production on this is simply stellar. Also, it's nice to listen to music in other languages sometimes - Holmberg sings in his native Swedish. Below the song, he also offers a stanza of the poem "Idyll" and a few words about the song. Bonus marks if you can read Swedish, but if you can't, there's an English translation.

Karin Boye, “Idyll”
Nu sluter sig vardagens rymd kring oss två, lik en len
lätt dimma.
Är du rädd att bli fånge, är du rädd att drunkna i det gråa?
Var inte rädd: i vardagens innersta,
i allt livs hjärta, brinner med stilla nynnande lågor en djup, hemlig helg.

Now the space of the everyday closes around us two, like a soft, gentle mist.
Are you afraid of becoming a prisoner, are you afraid of drowning in the greyness?
Do not be afraid: in the everyday’s innermost depth,
in the heart of all life,
there burns with quietly humming flames a deep, secret festival.

“Mitt skrivbord är prydligt ordnat. Mapparna är tydligt namngivna. Jag har valt en ny bakgrundsbild. Drake nedsjunken vid ett bord framför en kandelaber och en uggla, båda av guld. Jag vill att den här låten ska skimra som kandelabrar av guld och samtidigt skära djupa sår. Jag gömmer mig bakom svartvita fotografier, men är livrädd att drunkna i det gråa. Hoppas ni gillar den.”

“My desk is neatly organized. Folders are clearly named. I have selected a new wallpaper. Drake slumped at a table in front of a chandelier and an owl, both of gold. I want this song to shimmer like a gold chandelier and simultaneously cut deep wounds. I hide behind black and white photographs, but I’m terrified of drowning in the gray. Hope you like it.”