Listen: Andy Stott - "Violence"

Hear our first taste of Stott's new record Faith in Strangers.
andy stott

Andy Stott's been busy since the release of his 2012 LP Luxury Problems, turning in Drop the Vowels with Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker earlier this year, but he's managed to find time to record a new solo record, Faith in Strangers, which'll be out later this year. It includes this track, "Violence," which does indeed sound like its title, albeit in a chill-inducing, lurking, creeping way, like watching a fight down an alleyway or dreaming about war. Thank the singer Alison Skidmore, who'll appear elsewhere on the record too, for those eerie vocals. Check it out and peruse the tracklist below - Faith in Strangers is out November 18th.

Andy Stott, Faith in Strangers:
01 Time Away
02 Violence
03 On Oath
04 Science & Industry
05 No Surrender
06 How It Was
07 Damage
08 Faith in Strangers
09 Missing